Multi lingual site on WordPress

I just started English version wordpress. I’m going to run Japanese site too.

I’d researched how to make a bilingual site on wordpress. I could find several options like below.

  1. Install two wordpress.
    I’ve chose this way this time. I didn’t want to add any modification to the Japanese site. I want to keep both site separately. You may need to add a sub domain at your domain management company site and update .htaccess file under root directory like public_html.I made two directories for each language and installed wordpress under each folder.
    – /public_html/jpn
    – /public_html/engAnd I added a domain record like below. If you use a different domain company with web hosting company, you have to update at the domain management company’s DNS.

    And I’ve updated .htaccess like below. (I’m not sure this is perfect.)

  2. Use wordpress multi site function.
    I’m using a bakcup plugin, I couldn’t find the plugin supports the multisite function.
  3. Use multilingual Plugin.
    I tried several plugins. But these plugins added short code into the original post. Even if I uninstall them, the short code still remains. And several plugins couldn’t switch each language well. Perhaps, it’s a good for building a new bilingual site from scratch. I felt it’s not best to me.


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