How to fix Sony Nex monitor screen peel off

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinGoogle+RedditTumblremailMy wife has Nex-5 that the monitor screen coat has been peeled off from edges. I wonder why Sony sells like this quality product. Anyway I researched about this issue on Internet. This issue is quit a common on Sony camera. Even if you put on a protect film, it will peel off when you replace the protect film. Well, my slt-55v will has same issue, though.     So, how can I fix this? The screen is a sticker like a protect film. It’s the only way to fix that you replace the sticker. Then I’d researched about the … Continue reading

Sigma 30 f2.8 vs Sony SEL18-55 vs SELP1650 vs SEL30M35

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinGoogle+RedditTumblremailI was thinking to sell that I’ve used Sony SLT-a55/Tamron 28-75 f2.8 over 5 years and buy a used Nex-7 (The body price is around $300). At the moment, I found a cheap used nex-7 + 2 lenses set and could buy it. I have 4 lenses temporarily and all lenses have 30mm focus length. Then I compared them. Camera: Nex-7 Lenses: Sigma 30 f2.8 (Fixed) Sony SEL1855/f3.5-5.6 (Manual zoom) SELP1650/f3.5-5.6 (Power zoom) SEL30M35/f3.5 (Macro) Focus length: 30mm F number: 5.0 ISO: 100 Publishing: Raw files are resized and converted to jpg by Lightroom   Perhaps, I can’t find any … Continue reading


FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinGoogle+RedditTumblremailWhen I try to use or compile Nutch, Solr, Hbase. I always met JAVA_HOME error. The error means that JAVA_HOME is set a wrong path or not set any path, then executable file or compiler can’t find JRE or JDK.   Check and set JAVA_HOME For checking the current value.

  For setting the value, you have to verify JAVA JRE/JDK is installed already. Usually, it’s installed uber /usr/lib/jvm on Debian or Ubuntu. If you can’t find them you need to download from Oracle Java and install. Which do I install JRE and JDK? You just use Nutch or … Continue reading

Shenandoah: Buck Ridge, Buck Hollow + Meadow Spring Trails

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinGoogle+RedditTumblremailThis week for hiking, we decided to take a trail that starts from a parking lot along Route 211, Buck Ridge Trail and Buck Hollow Trail loop + Meadow Spring Summit (includes AT, which connects to Mary’s Rock Summit from Skyline Drive). In total the hike took approximately 5-6 hours. We previously saw several times that the parking lot is always full. I thought there must be a big river along 211 and they had come to swim. Actually, the river is creek. It seems that everybody had come to hike here. You can also access this trail from a … Continue reading