Sigma 30 f2.8 vs Sony SEL18-55 vs SELP1650 vs SEL30M35

I was thinking to sell that I’ve used Sony SLT-a55/Tamron 28-75 f2.8 over 5 years and buy a used Nex-7 (The body price is around $300). At the moment, I found a cheap used nex-7 + 2 lenses set and could buy it.

I have 4 lenses temporarily and all lenses have 30mm focus length. Then I compared them.


Camera: Nex-7


Focus length: 30mm
F number: 5.0
ISO: 100
Publishing: Raw files are resized and converted to jpg by Lightroom


Perhaps, I can’t find any difference.  Still I feel that a edge is not sharp on SELP1650 picture. But It may blur because the hook ring is a little unfocused.

A-Sigma30f2.8 A-Sony1855 A-Sony1650 A-Sony30Mac

I cropped all pictures. Still I feel that SELP1650 picture is not sharp.

A-Sigma30f2.8 A-Sony1855 A-Sony1650 A-Sony30Mac


This time, I set each F number to max on each lens. Sigma shows a nice boke as f2.8, and color is  very clear. I can see a stereoscopic object on SEL1855.

B-Sigma30f2.8 B-Sony1855 B-Sony1650 B-Sony30Mac


I cropped all pictures. After all, SELP1650 picture is not sharp on a edge. Sigma is mild.

B-Sigma30f2.8 B-Sony1855 B-Sony1650 B-Sony30Mac


Sigma has a nice boke and a mild, though, I don’t want to bring it as an extra lens. I wonder how much different of Sonnar T. Eventually, this is the best way that I through out APS-C and get A7 series + an expensive lens.


And I was worrying about a zoom speed of sigma, it’s a little slower than sony’s lenses. And I can’t close to a object. (minimum 30cm/11.8in). Surely, it doesn’t need to close a object if I use 30mm lens. Sony lens minimum distance is 25cm/9.84in.


Which should I buy from them? If you want have a power zoom, you can buy SELP1650. If you don’t care a manual zoom and common lens, you can buy SEL1855. You don’t need zoom but want to use macro sometime, you can 30M35. I may buy 30M35 if I want have a fixed 30mm. I want to close to a object sometime.


Right now, I need a wide lens. I think it’s enough only having SEL1855 and I’ll sell the others according to my first plan.

Regarding Nex-7, it  has quit enough dials and buttons. I think that it become an alternatively of DSLR. I don’t need a big camera any more. It has DSLR handleability and turning performance, I can bring it anytime anywhere, and take a lot of pictures. This upgrade was nice upgrade as connection to A7 series.

I uploaded these raw data just in case.

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