How to fix Sony Nex monitor screen peel off

My wife has Nex-5 that the monitor screen coat has been peeled off from edges. I wonder why Sony sells like this quality product. Anyway I researched about this issue on Internet. This issue is quit a common on Sony camera. Even if you put on a protect film, it will peel off when you replace the protect film. Well, my slt-55v will has same issue, though.




So, how can I fix this? The screen is a sticker like a protect film. It’s the only way to fix that you replace the sticker.

Then I’d researched about the replacement stickers. Several type stickers don’t have an ability of a touch sensor. I checked a couple stickers at This time, I bought a sticker from FitTek brand. I verified that a reviewer said his camera’s touch sensor works fine after replacing.

It shows Nex-3c on amazon picture, I tried to find Nex-5 but I couldn’t find such a type. Actually the sticker is printed JYC and Nex-3c. umm….that’s too bad.



Let’s peel the sticker. You can find the gap on the edge. The stickiness is strong but you can peel off slowly. If the sticky residue remains on grass, you can remove them by tapping with another sticky tape like a clear packing tape.


It shows a circuit on the edge but it’s under the glass. It’s not a problem.



This is the after I put the new sticker. I forgot to wipe the back of the sticker. It remains a finger print a little. This is the correct step;
1. Wipe camera screen glass.
2. Wipe the back of the sticker.
3. Put the sticker on the camera screen.

I could verify that the touch sensor works fine. It became looking like new camera. I’m perfectly satisfied this result except JYC and Nex-3c logo.


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