Traveling to Japan with AT&T International Plan.

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinGoogle+RedditTumblremailMy wife had a business trip to Japan. Because of this, we researched about international phone plans in Japan. Our phones were T-mobile, but T-mobile has a really bad connection even if you are in town. T-mobile also has a free international roaming in Japan, but many people say the phone data speed is very slow. 320 kbps? It sounded like edge mode. If there is no internet, then there is no point in using a smartphone. So we decided to change T-mobile to AT&T and purchase the “AT&T Passport Silver” plan for $60. This plan includes; A one time … Continue reading

Shenandoah: Pine Hill Gap – Broad Hollow Loop

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinGoogle+RedditTumblremailThis week for hiking, we decided to take Pine Hill Gap and Broad Hollow Trail loop. We only have limited numbers trails from our bucket list. This trail is approximately 4 hour. Even though day hike, we have a limitation of 12 hours. Because we have a diabetic cat that needs an insulin twice in a day. We try to go back home at least 1 hour early for next insulin. In this situation, we have to pick up a trail what is 6-7 hour walking, and location is 2 hour from our house one way travel. If you can … Continue reading