4k PC monitor for writing – Part1

My wife is a Mac user but her MacBook Pro become slow from the age and a filled up HDD. Also she wants a desktop pc for writing with scrivener. Laptop + sofa or laptop + desk are uncomfortable for her. And she doesn’t go a cafe for writing anymore.


Why should you keep a laptop?

Expensive, small monitor and small capacity of HDD/SDD. Apple iMac spec is quit old spec. Mac Pro is too expensive. She doesn’t render 3D, draw a picture nor edit movie. And more, she doesn’t like Windows. I don’t care OS, though, I always choose a cost performance and an easy solution.


What about MacOS style Linux?

Linux Elementary looks like MacOS. If you use only desktop environment on Linux, there is no problem. Even if you use Mac/Windows, you’ll ask to fix a problem to someone. It’s the same things on Linux. Especially, there is an IT geek close to you like a family member. There is no worry to start using Linux. In my house, I always fix all problems about computer. I don’t mind the OS is MAC/Windows/Linux.


What about a computer box?

You can choose PC parts from tons of options following your ideal and budget. Linux OS is free (or donation). You can buy a double speed computer of MAC with the same price but if you don’t care about outside. At least, you can put the ugly pc behind the desk. One big pros is what you can replace the inside to the latest parts in the next 4-5 year around $400. That’s why I always choose a DIY desktop. Fast CPU and enough memory is important for DAW(soft synthes and plugins).


The writing software?

Fortunately, Scrivener has released for Linux though it’s beta. I installed Linux Elementary and Scrivener on VMWare. My wife tested it but she didn’t feel any uncomfortable it.


Our life style problem?

We don’t have a TV because both of us don’t watch TV. Netflix and Amazon Prime is enough for us. We always watch them on her laptop on a sofa. Yes, we have to find an alternation of the laptop. I have 24 inch DELL monitor for my DAW. But it’s small to watch a TV program from a distance. I have a surface but that’s too small. What should we do? Should I buy a TV?


What about 28inch 4K monitor?

If we buy 24 inch PC monitor and 32 inch 1080p TV+Fire stick(or chrome stick), the cost will be about $350 + TV rack. Right now, the cheapest 4k Samsung 28 inch monitor is $400. And it seems that a huge desktop gives an advantage on chalkboard window of scrivener. Watching TV is not our high priority, 28 inch screen will not be a big problem.


It sounds like a good idea. I’m going to pick up parts for her computer. It’ll be around $600 for PC box. Plus 4K monitor + speaker. PC case, power supply, keyboard, mouse, speakers and monitor are last long, at least 8-10 year. We can replace the inside once or twice. It’s not a bad investment. It will be about $1500 cost in 10 years. I can’t use a $1500 laptop for 10 year.


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