4k PC monitor for writing – Part2

Parts list and costs

I’ve picked up PC parts for writing (for my wife) + watching TV (for us).

*Case: Antec P280 ($122)
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3P ($75) — This is not good for Linux.
CPU: AMD FX-6300 BE (logical 6 cores) ($89)
CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 ($27)
*SSD: Samsung 850 250GB ($80)
Memory: ADATA 16GB (AX3U1866W8G10-DR) ($80)
Video Card: Gigabyte AMD R7 360 (GV-R736OC-2GD) ($110) — This is no problem for 4k monitor and Linux (installed AMD driver and used Displayport).
*Power Supply: EVGA 500w ($40)
*Monitor: Samsung UE590 UHD ($400)
*Speaker: Mackie CR3 ($100)

Total: $1,123
(* parts are last long, $742)

I’ve never bought Intel CPU for my DIY PC. Maybe I feel expensive for Intel CPU even if it’s faster than AMD on benchmark test. I guess I can’t see the differences during composing a music on Cubase, maybe slightly difference on exporting a wav file.

Anyways, I think this is cheaper, faster and better sound quality combination for 4k monitor environment. Case, power supply, monitor, SSD and speaker are last long. But a power supply will break sometime. Still I think this combination and price is good (at that time).


Installation OS

I was planning to install Linux Elementary (stable 0.3.1) but I couldn’t install this distro because Elementray can’t finish the installation without Internet connection. I installed Ubuntu instead of Elementary.

The original problem is that the motherboard uses Realtek Ethernet controller(R8168), Ubuntu family has a controller (R8169) for Realtek but it doesn’t work. You have to make and make install their latest Ethernet driver. The installation steps. I have to make/make install after every Ubuntu update right now, this is annoying.

Another problem of this motherboard is USB of bios default settings. EHCI is disable as default, it means USB2.0 doesn’t work.

After above problems, there is no issues.


How is the writing software on 4k monitor actually?

The desktop is 4 times larger than recent common desktop.  This is the screenshot. Usually, there are small notes which have few words per line and 5 lines for each note at the cork board page. However, you can write a note directory at the cork board page on 4k monitor. I set 20px for the font size.


Screvener on 4k monitor

My wife is satisfied with this new environment. Fast response, huge desktop and cheap. Surely, we can watch Amazon Prime video instead of TV with this 4k monitor from sofa.

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