Solr 5.5 and MariaDB connection

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinGoogle+RedditTumblremailThis is the note when I tried to install Solr5.5 and connect to MariaDB on Debian. We don’t need schema.xml Solr5.x. Install JRE

Install Solr 5.5 Download from

Download MariaDB java connector You can download mariadb-java-client-1.4.0.jar from here but you need an account.

Create db-data-config.xml Note: I have an issue in here. I set “limit 10” but solr try to crawl the entire table. I’m still not figure out how to control them.

What is the org.mariadb.jdbc.Driver ? You can verify it when you open jar file. Just double click mariadb-java-client-1.4.0.jar. You can … Continue reading