Why you should not trust Amazon

Because Amazon doesn’t trust you.

This thing happened to me.

I bought Sony SEL16-35 f2.8 GM lens ($2,198) from Amazon.com. However I received the below picture’s item. The package and lens case was actual SEL16-35 GM item. Someone replaced the inside at some point. I should’ve recorded the open box event. I really regret what I didn’t.

I requested a replacement as usual method and received a real SEL16-36 GM a couple days after. I returned the dirty lens to Amazon. However my return status didn’t update. I contacted to a customer support and I realize I made two shipping labels somehow. The first label was not delivered and then the return status wasn’t updated. The customer support guy didn’t have a permission to invoke, and he transferred me to a higher level person and he invoked the first label and I was waiting the return status is updated.


Almost one month after I returned the dirty lens, I received an email from Amazon. It said, Amazon didn’t receive the my return item and is going to charge. I contacted a customer support again and describe the above situation and he said Amazon won’t charge it.


However Amazon charged me the full price of lens. I contacted a customer support again. He said, Amazon received an item but the item wasn’t correct item and charged me. I described I just returned what Amazon sent to me. But he didn’t understand. I stopped talking with him and tried another customer support. He listened my story but the item is expensive and he doesn’t have a right to refund. Then he made a refund request to higher level team and I was waiting the result.


I didn’t receive any responses after a couple of days. I contacted a customer support again. I knew that the higher level team rejected the refund request because the returned item wasn’t a correct item. I posted this story to DPreview. Some people recommend to find a weight or a serial number.


I couldn’t get a serial number from Amazon customer support and I didn’t check a serial number on the box when I received. But I could get a tracking number of the first item. I can’t see the tracking number of an item that was returned. I went to UPS website and check the item information and I could find weights for both of the first item and the replacement item.

The first item is 2.00 LB and the replacement item is 3.10 LB. This is obvious difference. The first item is something wrong. And I request to make a new refund request. the customer support made it and applied to get a manager approval. I waited a couple days again.


I didn’t hear anything after that and I contacted the customer support again. The customer support said, it will take a couple more days or a week to get a approval. I waited again.


I contacted a customer support after a week or so. The first customer person escalated to a higher level customer person. But he didn’t understand my story first. I just asked the result of my refund request but he said he can’t make a refund. And I talked about the weight but he rejected and he described the lens is 1.5LB on a catalog and 2.0LB is correct weight. I asked why the replacement item is heavier than the first item? He said, UPS sent a wrong item, please contact UPS to get a correct item. He was trying to find a reason to reject my request. He didn’t support a customer at all.

I checked the lens weight after that. The lens weight is 1 LB 11.4 oz and the Sony lens box and lens case is 15 oz. Amazon uses an Amazon cardboard box, the similar size box weight is 8 oz. The total will be 3LB 2.4 oz. UPS is correct and Amazon customer support guy is completely wrong.


Amazon customer support didn’t help at all. I sent an email to Jeff@ about this story of weight difference with those tacking numbers. I also disputed the double charge for the lens to a credit card company, and I wrote the lens review with the above picture at amazon.


I don’t know which one worked and I got a refund email from Amazon next day. The refund was processed on Amazon  web site, and disputing of double charge was still requesting.


I’m really disappointed with this issues of Amazon. They doesn’t manage warehouse well or check items before inventory. And there are only few helpful customer supports. Most customer supports don’t support a customer at all. Basically they don’t trust a customer. Even if I use Amazon Fresh, Prime credit card. I am a less returning user and amazon stocks holder though.


I’m going to reduce Amazon service. I’m going to spread online shopping to pet specialized store for pet items, camera specialized store for camera items. Definitely,  I don’t buy any expensive items from Amazon anymore. I’ll try to find it from a physical store first.

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