Solr 5.5 and MariaDB connection

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinGoogle+RedditTumblremailThis is the note when I tried to install Solr5.5 and connect to MariaDB on Debian. We don’t need schema.xml Solr5.x. Install JRE

Install Solr 5.5 Download from

Download MariaDB java connector You can download mariadb-java-client-1.4.0.jar from here but you need an account.

Create db-data-config.xml Note: I have an issue in here. I set “limit 10” but solr try to crawl the entire table. I’m still not figure out how to control them.

What is the org.mariadb.jdbc.Driver ? You can verify it when you open jar file. Just double click mariadb-java-client-1.4.0.jar. You can … Continue reading

4k PC monitor for writing – Part2

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinGoogle+RedditTumblremailParts list and costs I’ve picked up PC parts for writing (for my wife) + watching TV (for us). *Case: Antec P280 ($122) Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3P ($75) — This is not good for Linux. CPU: AMD FX-6300 BE (logical 6 cores) ($89) CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 ($27) *SSD: Samsung 850 250GB ($80) Memory: ADATA 16GB (AX3U1866W8G10-DR) ($80) Video Card: Gigabyte AMD R7 360 (GV-R736OC-2GD) ($110) — This is no problem for 4k monitor and Linux (installed AMD driver and used Displayport). *Power Supply: EVGA 500w ($40) *Monitor: Samsung UE590 UHD ($400) *Speaker: Mackie CR3 ($100) Total: $1,123 (* … Continue reading

4k PC monitor for writing – Part1

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinGoogle+RedditTumblremailMy wife is a Mac user but her MacBook Pro become slow from the age and a filled up HDD. Also she wants a desktop pc for writing with scrivener. Laptop + sofa or laptop + desk are uncomfortable for her. And she doesn’t go a cafe for writing anymore.   Why should you keep a laptop? Expensive, small monitor and small capacity of HDD/SDD. Apple iMac spec is quit old spec. Mac Pro is too expensive. She doesn’t render 3D, draw a picture nor edit movie. And more, she doesn’t like Windows. I don’t care OS, though, I always … Continue reading

Traveling to Japan with AT&T International Plan.

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinGoogle+RedditTumblremailMy wife had a business trip to Japan. Because of this, we researched about international phone plans in Japan. Our phones were T-mobile, but T-mobile has a really bad connection even if you are in town. T-mobile also has a free international roaming in Japan, but many people say the phone data speed is very slow. 320 kbps? It sounded like edge mode. If there is no internet, then there is no point in using a smartphone. So we decided to change T-mobile to AT&T and purchase the “AT&T Passport Silver” plan for $60. This plan includes; A one time … Continue reading


FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinGoogle+RedditTumblremailWhen I try to use or compile Nutch, Solr, Hbase. I always met JAVA_HOME error. The error means that JAVA_HOME is set a wrong path or not set any path, then executable file or compiler can’t find JRE or JDK.   Check and set JAVA_HOME For checking the current value.

  For setting the value, you have to verify JAVA JRE/JDK is installed already. Usually, it’s installed uber /usr/lib/jvm on Debian or Ubuntu. If you can’t find them you need to download from Oracle Java and install. Which do I install JRE and JDK? You just use Nutch or … Continue reading

Multi lingual site on WordPress

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinGoogle+RedditTumblremailI just started English version wordpress. I’m going to run Japanese site too. I’d researched how to make a bilingual site on wordpress. I could find several options like below. Install two wordpress. I’ve chose this way this time. I didn’t want to add any modification to the Japanese site. I want to keep both site separately. You may need to add a sub domain at your domain management company site and update .htaccess file under root directory like public_html.I made two directories for each language and installed wordpress under each folder. – /public_html/jpn – /public_html/engAnd I added a … Continue reading