Shenandoah: Pine Hill Gap – Broad Hollow Loop

This week for hiking, we decided to take Pine Hill Gap and Broad Hollow Trail loop. We only have limited numbers trails from our bucket list. This trail is approximately 4 hour. Even though day hike, we have a limitation of 12 hours. Because we have a diabetic cat that needs an insulin twice in a day. We try to go back home at least 1 hour early for next insulin. In this situation, we have to pick up a trail what is 6-7 hour walking, and location is 2 hour from our house one way travel. If you can … Continue reading

Shenandoah: Buck Ridge, Buck Hollow + Meadow Spring Trails

This week for hiking, we decided to take a trail that starts from a parking lot along Route 211, Buck Ridge Trail and Buck Hollow Trail loop + Meadow Spring Summit (includes AT, which connects to Mary’s Rock Summit from Skyline Drive). In total the hike took approximately 5-6 hours. We previously saw several times that the parking lot is always full. I thought there must be a big river along 211 and they had come to swim. Actually, the river is creek. It seems that everybody had come to hike here. You can also access this trail from a … Continue reading